Further to Rabbi Allen Maller’s excellent article posted yesterday, I thought it interesting how each side of the American 2020 debacle is either actively or considering suing the other.

Actually it’s not quite that simple as each side is either actively or considering suing an official body allegedly passively or aggressively aiding Trump or Biden’s perspective or agenda.

The question here is whether this whiff of uncertainly – the alleged corruption of the democratic election process – is a new thing or something that has been going on for ages.

We cannot know. We may assume that people were more ‘decent’ in the past but is that a reasonable assumption?

Image from story – Aleksandr Brovko, 36, formerly of the Czech Republic, pleaded guilty in February to conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud.

In 21st Century Canada I occasionally have wondered if clever and hostile hackers could hack our electoral computers and change vote tallies. I posed this question to a volunteer working at a polling booth during one of our recent elections to which she replied in a strong Eastern European accent, “We hope not!”

Honest but not exactly reassuring.

At any rate, here’s the tune that came to mind for this post. It is not George Harrison’s most memorable song, other than the title perhaps. The number is about the Beatles suing one another after their breakup but it can apply to anyone “Living in the Material World.”

So much for “All You Need is Love!”

That may be true but how many of us can fully live by it?