Every year this arrives in the mail, addressed to someone who died almost twenty years ago. I supposed I could contact the Mission and ask the deceased to be removed from their mailing list. But I’m busy enough already and don’t really need any extra hassle.

With accusations and apparent proof of dead voters being a hot topic on Fox News last night (FF to about 2 minutes – https://video.foxnews.com/v/6209232817001), I thought it interesting that this person – now in heaven – can still give to the needy!

Myself, I’ll be honest, I do not give to charities like this. To me, Canada is already turning into one big, overtaxed “charity” and a little less corruption on all levels would more than pay for this meal.

It may sound cruel or even Scrooge-like.

“Are there no workhouses..?”

But that’s the way this envelope usually makes me feel. That, and a twinge of guilt for not buying into it.

If I want to give to someone, I give it to them directly.

End of story.