This Is Your Brain On Spirituality: A Psychiatrist Explains | Opinion

Plus, how to tap into a greater force to enhance your mental health.

Source: This Is Your Brain On Spirituality: A Psychiatrist Explains


This seems like a worthwhile, popular article summing up some beliefs, approaches, and findings with regard to the link between spirituality and positive mental health.

Myself, I don’t believe prayer or meditation alone affects us permanently. We also have to take personal responsibility for our growth; that is, to try to cooperate with God, to discern and enact God’s will for us.

If by chance we realize we are doing something detrimental to our overall happiness, we need to make a concerted effort to modify that behavior. Prayer for help is great. But ultimately we must make that change ourselves.

It’s not so complicated, really.

It’s about choice, personal responsibility, and evolving into a more mature, integrated outlook.

For me, spirituality is by far the most important part of my life but we cannot ignore our social environment, psychology, and physiology, either.

Further to links among spirituality, psychology, and biology, interested readers might want to familiarize themselves with these two seminal concepts:

It’s all on the web. We don’t need advanced degrees to stay up on the latest. The internet has leveled the playing field, so let’s take advantage of it!


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