Former patients of a maximum-security psychiatric facility who were subject to a series of โ€œhorrificโ€ experimental treatments are appearing in a Toronto court via video feeds from across the country to testify at a three-week long damages hearing.

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Source: Former psychiatric patients testify about harmful impacts of experimental treatments –


I saw this story last night but was too tired to do it justice.

Orillia is a small city in Ontario. And I mean small. Its population is around 30,000 people. And as far I can see this shocking story has only hit the Orillia papers. But it hit me with significant impact because the psychiatric horrors outlined in the above-linked story took place in a region I am very familiar with.

Imagine if every year you went vacationing to a favorite Mediterranean spot and – unknown to you – just a stone’s throw away a handful of crackpot psychiatrists were literally torturing their captive and vulnerable patients, all in the name of “science.”

That’s essentially what happened here in Ontario.

This map shows where I spent my childhood summers (red arrow) and where the weird and cruel psychiatric practices took place at the bottom (red marker).

Detail of Georgian Bay – Click on image for full size

My parents took me to that island as a baby and I spent countless hours outside among the wind, water, and pines while only a month or two young. The place is still a big part of me, even though I no longer vacation there in person.

Last night while reading this shocking tale I mused that if such abuses took place in a Catholic parish within that region, CBC and all the other major Canadian news outlets would make it a front-page story with big splashy headlines.

But oh no, it’s psychiatry. And psychiatry seems, for the most part, to get a free pass with the mainstream media.

The question is why?

I believe I know part of the answer.

It arguably has to do with scientism – not science – and how so many people are literally brainwashed by scientism, even when its claims and practices clearly outreach its grasp.

What do you think?