I had a dentist appointment today. It has been about nine months and there were a couple of issues. So I’m glad I went. My usual route is to park about 15 minutes away from the dental office and walk.

So that’s what I did.

This bridge has mixed memories for me. I walked across this bridge every day en route to junior high, which people now call “middle school.” I like the term junior high better, but I guess I am old school. Underneath the bridge runs a ravine, which is fairly pretty, given that it is smack dab in the middle of the city… which they call midtown Toronto.

On a sad note, many years ago a person jumped to their death from the highrise you see at right.

I don’t understand suicide. I have had my fair share of hard times but I just know that suicide is not in my programming. I often implore people to not attempt suicide because you cannot kill the soul anyhow, and you will likely just go on carrying the same bag of stuff you are carrying right now. So why not just get the right kind of help and make things better?

Sometimes our suffering comes from our own selfishness but ironically, we need to suffer like hell to realize that. Once we get past our worldly, self-centered ignorance, things can get better. We still have challenges and get dejected from time to time. But the difference is we hopefully gain a new spiritual meaning for all of life’s joys and tribulations.

Now, if I were in constant and intolerable physical pain, I do not know if I would feel the same way. So I am not judging. Just speaking my opinion on a very serious topic.

This next pic is from the second-floor terrace just outside the dental office. Clients wait outside or in the hall until the dental secretary comes to fetch them. That’s the precaution, and I think a good one.

Slightly Hitchcock style photo.

The Protestant Church at top left is where I had my junior high graduation ceremony. My mother gave me a dictionary as a present. And I really loved it. I think that was the beginning of my fascination with reference works, etymology, foreign words and phrases, and so on.

Whoever thought a simple act of going to the dentist would be so stimulating!