The prominent pro-democracy supporter’s detention comes a day after several activists were jailed.

Source: Hong Kong pro-democracy tycoon Jimmy Lai detained for fraud – BBC News


I think a few Canadians need to read this “quote of the day”:

“If they can induce fear in you, that’s the cheapest way to control you and the most effective way and they know it.

“The only way to defeat the way of intimidation is to face up to fear and don’t let it frighten you.”

~ Jimmy Lai

On a personal note, my 93-year-old mother grew up during WW-II and still enjoys watching TV programs like WW-II in Color on AHC. The other day she said while watching, “Did Hitler really think he could overtake the world? He assumed that Canadians were a pushover and learned the hard way that they are not!”

To my mother, I replied, “Well, madmen do not know they are mad. Also, they do not realize that freedom is worth fighting for.”