Politicians and health officials are telling us to cancel our large-scale holiday plans and keep things small this year. That’s distressing to many people. But for others, it’s a big relief.

Source: ‘I’m so happy’: Why some people are glad the holidays won’t be happening as normal


The holidays can be a stressful time, even for so-called ‘normals.’ One thing I don’t miss this year is the insane traffic that usually arises in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Once I spent Christmas overseas in a country – India – where it wasn’t a big deal, mostly because the majority of inhabitants were not Christian. That was a good experience. I got all dressed up in a silk “madras” sport jacket on Xmas day and rode my bike through the dusty streets of the sunny, tropical land.

One of the more aware street vendors, a really sweet Muslim youth, glanced at me in recognition that it was an important day… for me. Otherwise, Christmas Day was business as usual with all the young Hindu students milling about buying their trinkets and coconuts from the side of the road.

For New Year’s Eve I was alone in a flea-bitten hotel room somewhere. Can’t remember exactly. Maybe Kolkata, maybe Delhi. Through the paper-thin walls I heard a young woman with a British accent asking her girlfriend if she had a condom because the guy she just met seemed like a “nice bloke.”

Not exactly a charming scene. But again, a good experience.

What are you doing this Christmas? Are you in lockdown? If so, how does that make you feel?

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