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Numinosity – Another kind of light


The more we learn about our observable universe the more enignmatic it appears. LLUÍS BUSSÉ makes an admirable stab at trying to make sense of the apparent nonsense of the visible word.

By using the terms “observable” and “visible” I am also implying the more abstract ideas of “measurement,” “calculation” and “theory.”

But what about those aspects of our reality that we cannot measure?

This is where my own personal cosmology comes in and it’s a bit different from most. Over the years I’ve grappled with the idea of communicating what I have perceived to others. Sometimes that involves a more patient approach, hoping others will grow spiritually and learn to discern the various spiritual influences and powers which can affect us. Other times, I just use words, as I am now.

The point, though, is that our world could be viewed on a ‘horizontal’ axis of matter/energy and on a ‘verticle’ axis of spirituality. For some, the idea of matter/energy and spirituality are one and the same (Zen Buddhists come to mind here). But for me, the two realms meet but are quite different.

The notion of horizontal and verticle axes is just a beginning point. In reality, our inner/outer experience can be far more complex than that. But since this is pretty esoteric, cutting edge stuff, I thought I’d keep it simple for now.

Hopefully, someday ideas like mine will not be so esoteric. As with anything, numbers matter. If more people awake to the spiritual world, we might see less of those stigmatizing labels arguably created by dullards living mostly on the social and material plane.

I’m not saying all our problems will vanish or that people will not suffer psychologically and spiritually. But I am suggesting that current etiologies and treatments are in need of a drastic overhaul.

If we think small, we usually get small, unsatisfactory results. However, when we think freely, the possibilities are practically limitless.

Michael W. Clark’s studies include a Ph.D. on C. G. Jung’s concept of synchronicity (University of Ottawa), an M.A. in Comparative Religion (Visva Bharati, India), and an Honours B.A. in Psychology/Sociology (Trent University). Currently, he’s learning the intricacies of Linux and reading The Oxford History of the American People by S. E. Morison.