Northern Sunset – Is change always good?

Last night I was going about my daily routine and noticed the sunset. I wouldn’t say it was stunning but “interesting” enough for me to pause what I was doing and grab my phone.

When I was an undergrad student my parents had just moved to this house from a much bigger, older one. I loved the old house but this new house was freshly renovated, had much better water pressure (new plumbing), and so on.

Now this house is becoming an old house. It originally was a bungalow a bit like the one you can see out the window. But the previous owner added a second floor and revamped the interior. Since then, all sorts of new ‘monster’ homes have arisen. The area was originally almost all bungalows and had a fantastic view, almost a rural atmosphere.

When my parents moved in I remember seeing only one highrise at night out my bedroom window (actually the guest room back then). Now, you can see quite a few highrises and new ones still going up.

All very nice but in non-pandemic times the higher density contributes to insane traffic. And the ‘monster’ homes replacing bungalows means less sky view, more overall congestion, and a lot more noise pollution as the more affluent occupants always seem to need some kind of reno or “fix” and tend to use the latest noisy machine instead of doing things like snow shoveling and raking leaves the old fashioned way—by hand.

Is change always good?

What are you thinking?

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