Cool Me!

© 2021 Michael W. Clark.

Here I am with the wind in my hair having a ball at Georgian Bay. Okay, I’ll be honest. The glasses are fake although we’ve always had glasses like that kicking around and aviator is my favorite classic style.

I’m just posting to say that I’m taking a few days off. I need it. Currently, I’m pursuing a new – actually old – interest by joining a Facebook group about Vintage Toronto. I’m not sure it would be of much interest to anyone who hasn’t spent time in that city.

But since I grew up there, with a few diversions here and there, I’m really enjoying it.

I haven’t forgotten about the world, earthpages, and my online friends. But charity begins at home. Or whatever that old saying is!

And I’m finding brushing up on some old memories to be extremely gratifying.

See y’all soon. And in the meantime, come and join me at Vintage Toronto, if you like!

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