The Agony and the Ecstasy – Canadian juniors cannot adapt fast enough to the well-oiled US machine

Actually, the US junior hockey team wasn’t like a machine. More like a bunch of US Marines. I couldn’t help but respect their toughness and tenacity.  They had an intelligent system, it was working, and they stuck to it with muscle and hustle.

Canada, on the other hand, just couldn’t adapt fast enough to this American combo of might and precision.

I wasn’t happy about it. But hats off to the excellent, gritty US team! Our boys were probably overconfident, coming off stellar wins against the limp Czechs and pesky Russians. And one thing I have learned over the years… never underestimate the Americans. When they set their minds to something and want it bad, Americans can be formidable.

When I was a kid the USA international team was a joke. Canada would beat them, like 12 – 2 or something like that. But those days are gone. And if Canada wants to regain its hockey crown, we have to admit that our country is slipping — not just in sports but in many ways.

What was lacking here? Not talent. Not desire. You know, I don’t really know what was lacking. But whatever it was. It was.

Long gone are the days when Paul Henderson in ’72 came back with his historical goal to defeat the Russians. Those Canadians had grit. Today, well, let’s just hope things roll better next year. After all, hockey is Canada’s game!

Silver is very good. But gold is gold. And this year, the US was worthy of the gold.

Congrats to our friends south of the border.

You deserved it!

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