Earlier I wrote that a “big picture” approach to history suggests that, yes, in the broadest terms, history does repeat. However, when we zoom in and try to see what actually took place in certain times and places we usually find important differences not only in specific content (obviously) but also in the overall structure of how various ideas and events transpire.

Last night I came across another aha! passage where I thought, Geez, that’s exactly what Professor X and his motley crew are trying to do to Canada.

Get control over the ruling classes of the dominated peoples, and you’re basically free to squeeze not only the naive nobles but also the masses for every penny you want (see white box, below):

S. E. Morison, The Oxford History of the American People, 1965. Click for full size.

These days, however, the colonizers don’t always arrive with vulgar displays of military power. That’s the dummy’s way, no longer necessary in the 21st century. The smart way for our current global situation is to infiltrate and get a relative few select nobles (politicians, educators, judges, bureaucrats, etc.) under your thumb.

Control the elites and the masses will unwittingly follow.

A threat of violence is a lot cheaper and easier than actual violence.

The sinister efficacy of this kind of occupation is that only a few, scared, threatened, and perhaps bribed elites actually know what’s going on. Meanwhile, the masses – with their staggering amount of tax dollars – unwittingly submit to the occupiers who are secretly rubbing their hands with glee at the success of their nefarious scheme.

It’s not quite a sheep to the slaughter scenario but pretty close because as time goes by, the entire character of the occupied country becomes distorted to facilitate the new criminal infiltrators.

And if left unchecked, once noble institutions like the universities or parliament become a pathetic mockery of what they once were.