Amazon submitted a new filing in federal court on Tuesday in response to an emergency motion by Parler to restore its hosting services through Amazon’s AWS. Parler was kicked offline early Monday after Amazon said the social media company had violated its terms of service and Parler couldn’t find another company willing to do business. Parler sued Amazon on Monday alleging breach of contract and an antitrust violation.

Source: Amazon Court Filing Includes Chilling Death Threats Published on Parler


Well, this info changes the picture a bit. When I signed up for Parler just hours before the plug was pulled, all I saw was American sports stuff and the usual political squabbling (as discourse). I didn’t see any threats of any kind in the real-time feed. Not to say that the info reported in the above-linked post did not happen.

However, as Carlson pointed out last night at Fox News, most of the major social media networks have been caught asleep at the wheel while all sorts of off-color and potentially dangerous posts have been posted on their platforms. And none of them have been taken offline. Carlson suggests that the real reason Parler’s plug was pulled was not so much about morality but rather, money.

The big social media players contribute a lot of money to the democratic political machine, Carlson claims.

Now, remember. I’m Canadian and not taking sides here. But I think we should at least hear all sides of the argument. That’s what freedom and democracy are all about.

At least, that’s how I understood it growing up…

Truth be told, the real-time content that I saw at Parler was so Americano bland and uninspiring that I soon got bored of it. I probably would have only kept using it as a free place to post images! I’m on a budget here and have to be clever about that.