A Russian-speaking “scam-as-a-service” operation dubbed “Classiscam” is expanding globally, with 40 interconnected gangs in about a dozen countries using fake product advertisements to launch phishing schemes, the security firmย Group-IBย reports.

“More than 20 large groups are leveraging the scheme, and currently operate in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Poland, Romania, the U.S, and post-Soviet Union countries, while 20 more groups work in Russia”…

Source: ‘Scam-as-a-Service’ Scheme Spreads – BankInfoSecurity


These are the visible, everyday type of scams. I wonder how many far more sophisticated scams are perpetrated by upper-class criminals?ย  You know, the ones who used to be rich and powerful before the communist Soviets plundered their land. Wouldn’t these white-collar criminals almost feel justified in doing their crime? After all, they were rich once. Grandpa was a Baron, and so forth.

In their minds, they must almost feel justified in doing their crime today.

The only problem with that mindset is that it runs counter to our democratic ideals. Basically what these white-collar stooges are doing is spreading the disease that robbed them of their riches in the first place. And we know what happens with disease. If not stopped from spreading, it lays to waste everything in its path.