Jin – The ‘liberated’ soul who doesn’t help others?

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In Jainism the jin is the liberated soul, living in what is believed to be the highest aspect of reality. With absolutely no attachment to lower levels of existence, including this world of becoming, it does not intercede nor intervene in response to prayer requests.

This extreme detachment differentiates Jainism from Hinduism and Catholicism in that these religions, each in their own unique way, teach that purer or more enlightened beings mediate graces to less pure, ignorant, lost, wayward, obsessed or deluded souls.

To me, any soul claiming to be enlightened and yet uncaring about others cannot truly be in the highest possible heaven or eternal ‘place,’ if you will.

The idea of helping lost souls through intercession or some other spiritual dynamic (as in Shamanism where shamans allegedly return stolen souls to their rightful owner) is fundamental to several mystical traditions.

It seems our contemporary and supposedly ‘woke’ culture is almost entirely ignorant of the idea of intercession.

How many souls – that is real people – could benefit if they opened up to the idea that they are not alone but rather belong to a spiritual community within which souls regularly help one another, even at a distance?

Probably a lot. But alas, our scientific-medical materialism is so clued out that such ideas are usually pushed to the margins of so-called normality. And worse, we arguably have some ‘Darth Vader’ type individuals who are aware of this dynamic and yet are so mired in evil and evil practices that they pretend they are not aware of it, fully and willingly participating in the marginalization of sincere seekers who might be able to ‘read’ what they are up to.

It may sound strange and esoteric to many. But to those with finely tuned insight and intuition, it’s just part of the game. A very serious game, mind you.

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