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Have you ever noticed how MS Windows has become increasingly authoritarian over the years? Or maybe patronizing or ‘Big Brotherish’ would be better terms to describe it.

I still have a basic i3 processor – one of the earliest versions of i3 – and only 8 gb RAM. It’s fast enough to work smoothly and do everything I want to do, but it’s not blazing fast.

If I use a Linux distro on the same PC the speed difference is immediately obvious. But alas, there are things I want to do that only Windows can provide. So I’m stuck for now.

True, we can ‘dual boot’ with Windows 10 and Linux but I like having all my HD space under one hood.

Why is Windows slower than Linux?

IT has to do with all the extraneous processes that come baked into the software. You can disable some of them but Windows Defender can only be disabled temporarily before it automatically starts up again.

I find this ridiculous. It’s like the government putting automatic locks on your front door. So if you want to go out and shovel the snow or trim the front lawn, you better remember your key or else Big Brother will lock you out of your own home!

Bodhi Linux, a wonderfully minimal OS

Well, it’s not quite that bad but you get the point. Big Tech is making a decision for you because it apparently “knows better.”

But it does not know better.

In my case, I am also a bedroom musician, meaning, I use my humble PC to create original music. And for that, I need every ounce of computing power and memory I can get. I never had a problem with Windows 7. And for the most part, Windows 10 is fine. But it does consume more RAM than Windows 7, potentially limiting what I can do.

This extra RAM usage is especially noticeable when I’m video editing, which I also occasionally dabble in.

So this morning when I saw this small program I jumped to test it out. First, I scanned it at Virus Total and it came out clean. Then I tried it and it works! It seems easy to disable and re-enable Windows Defender with this little tool.

No more worries about Big Brother locking me outside with the lawnmower in hand! 😁

My crazy humor…

Disclaimer – I offer this as a suggestion only. You accept all responsibility for any damages which may arise from trying out any programs mentioned in this blog post.. 😇