I watched this through Hoopla but I imagine comparable ad-supported services would have it.

Philip K. Dick is an interesting guy. He underwent some religious experiences and this film (actually based on a book he wrote) is his attempt to get it out there. Admittedly, while looking over Dick’s Wikipedia entry I got the impression that he was ‘receiving’ something but also that his personal unconscious was probably distorting the ‘message.’

According to psychologist Carl Jung, this is a pretty common occurrence. Especially if someone leaps into the religious sphere without first cleaning up their own personal unconscious… that is, the place where they were hurt, injured or traumatized while growing up.

Still, distortion does not make the original message entirely invalid.

I think anyone watching this film will see how it resonates with what’s happening in the world today.

For Vikings fans, the lovely and inspiring Katheryn Winnick stars in this film. Along with Alanis Morissette, the Canadian singer who was huge in the 90s.

On the downside, comparisons among religious figures in the storyline are a bit weak. If we look at the actual history and what these figures represented, they are not all the same. Sometimes there might be loose similarities – such as persecution by the status quo – but still, in no way are all religious figures identical. But Radio Free Albemuth tries to lump many of them together in the same ET inspired ‘movement.’

This is not a great movie by everyday standards. The special FX are basic. The acting takes a while to get used to. But once I was pulled in, I really did enjoy this. And that’s what it’s all about. Especially during pandemic times when everything starts to feel like a bore!