These are some of the questions posed by, you guessed it, science fiction.

I have always loved sci-fi. Even as a kid it was my primary reading material. Today, I probably watch more sci-fi than anything else, altho’ crime shows are also personally interesting, mostly because I want to learn about what’s actually happening in our society, rather than being spoonfed pablum by CNN, FOX, and all the other networks that almost never touch on this thorny but all too real issue.

Ironically, it is corruption and the abuse of power that will destroy us if we don’t keep them in check. The pandemic will pass. Corruption and crime will never go away. That’s why we cannot ignore the problem but must work to at least keep it under control.

And that’s partly what this engaging lecture suggests in its selection of utopian and dystopian sci-fi literature.

Check it out for free via Kanopy.