One morning I sat down at the piano in our living room and found myself playing this simple but catchy chord progression. It reminds me of some 70s cop show or cop drama but with a definite electro feel/beat. As the tune progressed I felt it wove together my past, present and future, along with a few interstellar/astral ideas. One idea, in particular, was this song I heard in India, although it was from a Canadian artist. My mother is very hip. Back in the 80s, she recorded college radio (CIUT) for me while I was away and sent the tapes overseas.

I really liked this one dreamy, ambient song about a woman calling out for her star lover, “Stellation” or something like that. I have the song on tape somewhere. Although as an Indy tune from the 80s, it’s doubtful I’d ever find it on the web.

All these influences and a few more flowed into this simple instrumental. Hope you like it! The original WAV mix sounds much nicer. Soundcloud did a bit of a number on the sound quality while converting to mp3, or whatever format it uses. But you get the idea. 💫🤩👩‍🎤👨‍🎤💫✨