Searching for ways to fill the days I stumbled on a new TV show about an alien who comes to Earth on a secret mission, only to crash land and get stranded in Colorado.

The ET poses as a smalltown doctor and in the pilot episode tries to “fit in” with his new human peers.

This show is a bit disgusting, in keeping with the darkened ethos of the day. Don’t expect light entertainment. There’s murder, dead bodies, internal organs, and other creepy stuff. That almost turned me off except for the witty writing, solid acting, and good production values which kept me watching ’till the end.

What struck me about Resident Alien is how it could be taken as an analogy for how hostile spies and criminals must feel when they first arrive at their target country. They have to learn to fit in. Sometimes they manage to do this reasonably well. Other times they are always awkward and even if they take a spouse, family members can sense something is terribly wrong.

For that thought-provoking aspect of the show, it was worth enduring the disturbing bits.

Will be interesting to see if the story holds up over time or starts to get boring, like so many TV shows these days.