About a hundred years ago, in the village of Petrovichi near the Russian-Belarusian border, a baby was born in the Jewish family of Azimovs. The parents named their son Isaac. The exact date of his…

Source: Jaroslav Veis Guest Post–“Robot, the Most Famous Czech, Celebrates 100 Years” – Locus Online


According to this article, a Czech and a Russian are the two most important people who thought about non-people, namely, robots.

Could their fascination with mechanical men and women have something to do with the social organization in which they lived?

It’s possible.

Could our present-day society ever become like those societies which spawned the very word “robot” (Czechoslovakian) and fictional laws about the robot (Soviet)?

Again, quite possible.

As I watch the US news it seems somehow familiar.

In the distant past, a once healthy Roman Republic shifted into the Roman Empire around the time of Julius Caesar. This shift meant that the everyday Roman people and especially senators lost almost all of their political power. Suddenly, the Emperor (Octavian/Augustus) was not only supreme but actually deified.

A similar kind of power shift seems underway today. And it’s not just about a local hotshot. No, today’s most influential hotshots are globally connected.

There’s not much we can do about it. I considered putting an end to all my blogging and concentrating on music. I mean, if saying anything is just going to get you in hot water or even jail, why say anything?

In Canada, we are getting pretty close to having some government body tell us what is true and what is not true. What is acceptable and what is not.

This seems somewhat strange but I don’t see any way around it.

From Republic to Empire.

Sure, the details are quite different from those of ancient Rome. But something seems the same.

Absolute power.

How do some people get so much power?

Do we allow them to have it?

Well, yes.

And sadly, most individuals are extremely impressionable. We tend to believe a lot of what we are told as kids. And many adults also believe what we see on the TV news as long as the graphics are slick and the anchors attractive.

It must be true. Just look at those great production values!

Are we being hypnotized into passively accepting a hypocritical kind of oligarchy?

Can we truly discuss anything these days?

Does silence really solve problems? Or do unresolved problems just fester underneath a phony mask of political correctness?

Things have changed a lot since I was a kid.

We thought computers and tech would liberate us.

Have they?

Will they?

Well, don’t ask Asimov. He’s dead. And if by chance you hear him answer you, they might try to lock – or dope you – up for that too.