COVID may have taken ‘convoluted path’ to Wuhan, WHO team leader says | Reuters | Opinion

The head of a World Health Organization-led team probing the origins of COVID-19 said bats remain a likely source and that transmission of the virus via frozen food is a possibility that warrants further investigation, but he ruled out a lab leak.

Source: COVID may have taken ‘convoluted path’ to Wuhan, WHO team leader says | Reuters


Why am I skeptical? Can we really believe anything that comes out of WHO? Politics and WHO are not entwined?

10 thoughts on “COVID may have taken ‘convoluted path’ to Wuhan, WHO team leader says | Reuters | Opinion

      1. Yeah, they are. I think my taciturn state is more about being tired from shopping last night. But I am also getting sick and tired of hitting my head against a brick wall. The 21st-century dilemma… 🤪😄


      2. lol… go with the flow or stick your neck out.. when i was very young i had this kinda internal vision that made me feel i’m here partly to change things… so it’s hard for me to clam up… but i also realized that you can’t really change anything permanently… same ol’ b.s. always creeps in… my answer… selected battles… intelligent resistance.. 🙂

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      3. Someday I’d like to hang out on the grass on a hill near that Apollo temple… and if it’s too touristic today, maybe that ol’ time machine will have to do! Maybe it’s better! 🙂🤪😇


  1. Why can’t governments just let the people be? I’m almost glad I do not go to Georgian Bay anymore. All the rules and regulations, squabbles over Crown Land vs. taxable areas, I don’t think I would like it these days! Back in the 60s it was more or less anything goes… away from the regulators, eavesdroppers and God knows what else we have today. 😄


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