The greatest science fiction points us not merely to the stars but to the One who made the stars.

Source: Apocalyptic Visions: Faith, Reason and Science Fiction| National Catholic Register


Can we have a good sci-fi story that does not fit with Christian theology?

How about a sound Christian theology that does not fit with genuine human experience?

I pose these questions as food for thought, not to suggest my answer is entirely “yes” or “no” for either one.

To me, it seems that if God made everyone, which seems pretty self-evident, then everyone potentially has something to offer in the great theological and cosmic reality we call life.

If we just stick to our particular religion and shun everything else, things tend to get pretty arid after a while. A fresh breeze always comes from outside a house, not inside.

That’s why we may like to dwell in a certain structure but would be wise to open the windows on warm, sunny days.

Getting metaphorical here but I think most readers will get my meaning!