Back in high school we had an English teacher who one day simply brought in some newspapers and asked the class to look at them. He noted not only story content but also size and positioning. Was it on the front page? A big spread or a tiny paragraph buried deep in the back pages?

Girl makes snow angel in unusually cold Texas – CBC

By the time I hit sociology class at the U this was pretty obvious stuff. But for high school, I think this teacher was quite progressive. Of course, the administrative types at that high school didn’t like him because he was innovative.

Perhaps there were some complaints, I don’t know, but they had the teacher monitored by serious-looking watchers who sat in during class.

I’m not 100% sure why but the teacher moved around a bit. He didn’t stay at our high school (I know that because some years later I met him in a library and as adults, we chatted about psi, spirituality and Buddhism).

So to get back to the ‘papers’ which today of course means different internet sites, let’s look at the very same story covered from two different angles.

CBC hardly mentions that wind power was to blame for the incident in Texas. And instead of talking about people dying, it shows a cute kid making a snow angel.

Tucker Carlson, on the other hand, goes full bore into the ‘liberal greens’ with whom he so vehemently disagrees.

I think both sides have merit and shortcomings.

Take a look and see what you think!