Czech spy ‘targeted Royal Family through Lord Snowdon in the 1970s’ – Daily Mail | Opinion


The 1970s. I guess that was a kind of peak operating period for Cold War spies. Many would take advantage of the kindness and openness of democratic countries and hustle up, sleep with, and even marry naive innocents in targeted nations.

What they hoped to achieve from that kind of moral sorcery remains to be seen. Personally, I think they hope to seize control in such a sleazy, underhanded way that most citizens would not even know what was happening. All the average Joe and Jane would know is that tax dollars steadily rise while the standard of living plummets.

Do you know anyone who fits the bill for a sordid scene like this? A suave person who can play the royalty game yet with eyes as cold and dead as ice?

If so, steer clear. And if by chance you do have hard evidence against them, be sure to contact the appropriate authorities. Hostile espionage is a kind of ‘pandemic’ that won’t go away through inaction. Like any assault on the goodness of mankind, it takes serious and intelligent countermeasures to thwart these cagey, morally bankrupt operatives.

What are you thinking?

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