This contains spoilers so please do not read further if you haven’t made it this far in the series.

My feelings about this show fluctuate. Sometimes it seems a bit weak, other times not too bad. Occasionally quite compelling.

Last night’s viewing was no exception. Because the series is gaining some attention, I won’t go into the plot details. Wikpedia does that anyhow.

I’ll just say that I got the impression, rightly or wrongly, that those behind it were writing not from the gut or any place of genius but from a more contrived angle. Sort of a “let’s throw in this gruesome twist to grab their attention!” angle.

If you’ve ever seen the non-fiction TV show, Forensic Files, especially later seasons where they begin to show the actual dead bodies, you might have felt like I did. This episode of Big Sky bordered on bad taste with a seemingly cheap attempt to boost ratings through the grotesque.

Not only that, some of the acting came off weaker than usual. And the leading stars had moments of dialog so formulaic, even a comic book bubble could do better.

A notable exception was Brooke Smith, who plays a disturbed cum brain-injured state trooper’s wife. Her performance is convincing. And it really has been throughout the series.

I didn’t like her final solution, however. It seemed out of character and again, a cheap attempt to boost ratings by throwing in a gratuitously violent twist.

For me, the incongruency of her character just turned me off. It wasn’t good art. It wasn’t cutting-edge horror. It was just vulgar sh**.

Despite all this, I’ll probably be watching next week… or whenever episode 10 appears.

Katheryn Winnick alone is enough to keep me roped in. I loved her in Vikings and like an old band that you just cannot let go of, she’s still fun to watch… err listen to.

Whatever. 🙂

Winnick as Lagertha in Vikings, a role made for her and her for it.

There are a few others I should mention too. But there’s always next time.