‘Hannity’ hosts questions what US enemies think of Biden’s blunders

Source: Hannity: The whole world is watching President Biden’s struggles | Fox News Video


I watched this last night and found nothing funny about it. In fact, I felt real compassion for Biden as he looked like a bewildered toothpick or straw man being ordered around by his staffers.

If anyone has lived with someone or themselves experienced cognitive impairment, there really is nothing funny about it.

What’s different here, however, is that Biden is the most powerful person on the planet, or if you take China as equal, he is at least one of the most powerful people on the planet. He has to make snap decisions that could affect the entire world. And yeah, it does seem that he is not really up to the challenge.

Maybe he gets nervous in public and is far more coherent in private. That’s nice but still, a president has to be both private and public.

It’s sad, and again, I feel sorry for him. But I think the American people deserve to know who is really running the show. We all do actually. Because as I say, the American president is not just any guy or gal. He or she matters. And accordingly, he or she should be up to speed.