If only the OS were as sleek as the graphic! Click for full-size.

Ubuntu looks modern and has lots of eye candy but after a short while, I was not liking it too much.

Mind you, it’s not bad at all. But for an older computer with minimal RAM and CPU power, I would not recommend it. Seems Ubuntu appeals to the type of middle-range user who enjoys playing with menus and having their desktop look pretty. That’s not me. I want speed and efficiency. So I tend to go with either Lubuntu or Bodhi Linux. The RAM usage is considerably higher in Ubuntu than with those lighter distros, Bodhi being the best in that department. I noticed considerable lag with my old PC running Ubuntu, which I am using right now – and quite effortlessly – with Bodhi Linux.

So that’s it in a nutshell. I liked the install graphic so took a photo. But other than that, it’s bye-bye Ubuntu!