Health or Wealth – Which is more important?

Most sane people would answer “health” because you can always try to get rich while possessing a healthy mind and body.

When you’re unwell, however, life can suddenly take a whole new, unpleasant turn. And very often all the money in the world cannot buy back health and the happiness that may go with it.

I say “may go with it” because there are more factors involved in happiness, depending on who we are and what we value in life. For me, spirituality is key.

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Okay, so health is more important than wealth. I think most would agree on that.

Why then, do governments around the world give us so little information about the Covid-19 vaccines? I mean, this is an important decision to make. By way of contrast, if we go to a bank or private investment counselor to create or update an investment portfolio, we will get all sorts of information to explain the broker’s rationale for recommending a particular investment strategy.

We likely will receive pamphlets, charts, and spoken explanations outlining the pros and cons of various options.


So why not with the Covid vaccines, a decision which is infinitely more important than investing a little cash?

Would an investment broker glibly say, “Oh, I’ve checked it all out and this is the best way to go… although I might change my mind in a few days… TRUST ME.”

And if she or he did say that, how long would we stay in their office?

I’ll tell ya, if it were me, I’d say, “Thank you very much” and get my ass out of there ASAP, never to return.

And that, quite frankly, is how I’ve been feeling about the government and the media’s handling of information about Covid vaccines, and about other vaccines like the flu shot.

It’s a joke. No, worse than that. It has been insulting and potentially dangerous.

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We are expected to believe that the government knows best. And if we don’t follow, there is a significant amount of social shaming coming through the media… sometimes subtle, other times overt.

This reminds me of the early days of the internet when I was one of the few who did not want to give my bank account number to the government, even though they “assured” us it was secure. Since then, we now know that no system is secure and government systems are often the most easily breached.

Health records, income tax data, it’s all been blown by hackers. The Canada Revenue Agency at this very moment is having problems and shutting out thousands of users from their online accounts.

But I digress. The main point is that we need to educate ourselves to make informed decisions about our health. We do not need to put blind faith in Big Brother or Big Sister. That’s clearly what they want. But history demonstrates time and again that blind faith – as opposed to hands-on problem solving – may lead to utter disaster.