Here’s a shot I took on March 5th. It was still cold in Toronto but the afternoon sunlight struck a striking picture.

At first, I didn’t want to post this because it shows a bit more than I would normally want to publicly share. But then I realized I already did a shot of this area some time ago, on a Sunday morning, with computer peripherals strewn about as I was playing with electronics (one of my hobbies).

Another one of my hobbies, obviously, is music. The red towel “Ho Ho Ho” covers a nice electronic keyboard that was passed on to me, gratis. I own two other electronic keyboards but this one has more keys than the other two, and a nicer feel too.

The guitar I bought after my stay in India. I was still in the “international traveler” mode and remember taking a taxi home from the downtown music store. That’s something I wouldn’t do today! Taxis are way too expensive in this city and Uber, well, I just never got around to that.

Here Comes The Sun – Click for fullsize

Now that mysterious figure in the mirror is none other than yours truly. I’m wearing a hat because after living in India, I’m almost always cold. Even with the interior of the house warm, I still feel cold. I don’t understand it entirely. But I think it has something to do with aging, circulation, drafts, floor temperature, and possibly, just possibly, transpersonal connections with people and other beings who live outside during the cold.

That latter line must sound far fetched to some but while living in Ottawa, Canada, which is super cold, I did something of a participant observational study of people living on the streets and came to all sorts of outstanding, unconventional conclusions about how we can connect with other people, on many levels, even at a physical distance.

Anyhow, I did a late-night shop early this morning so am not up for the usual “intellectual” commentary. Instead, I thought I’d post this photo.

It finally is warming up a bit here. But I still have a hat on! 🙂