Opinion – Statistics speak volumes on Trudeau government’s incompetence in getting shots in arms

Why is Canada so far behind the USA in terms of getting shots in arms for Covid-19?

I am not a business person so must rely on external sources for the economic details.

My strength seems to be a kind of intuitive, predictive ability to perceive general trends and problematic issues like, for instance, the spread of Eastern European organized crime in the Canadian university system.

I also intuitively felt that I did not want an Astra Zeneca dose well before the first blood clot case was reported.

Also, I wrote a very scary poem just a few years before 9/11 and realized China would be a global problem way back in the 1980s.

Unfortunately, almost nobody listens to my intuitive advice and warnings because they are not intuiting the same material and do not understand the cumulative reasons why I say certain things.

Yes, people just think you’re nuts if you say things that challenge what most folks believe. So I tend not to say them, or to portray my interior perceptions in art, which is a much safer and more socially acceptable means for expressing them.

Need I remind you of my Halloween entree (note, this is a “secret link” that only works thru this precise URL):

Being highly intuitive is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because it helps you navigate our world, a world peopled by beautiful souls and yet also by half-baked liars. When people lie to me I get this hollow feeling. Sometimes it’s much more than that, even painful when I come in contact with a truly corrupted soul. And that’s the “curse” aspect of being intuitive. Some people are deceptive reprobates and getting painful impressions from them poses its own challenges.

To return to the business at hand, however, I don’t feel pain when I think of the Canadian PM Trudeau. I see him more as a person who wants to play the role of Climate Change Messiah by taxing Canadians far more than our 2% Global Carbon Emissions would justify (our Carbon tax is set to increase on April 1).

I also see Trudeau as incompetent in other ways.

Let’s look at these stats, assuming they are correct:

First, with GDP we see Canada coming in at a respectable #10.

Click on image for source

Next, we have Canada’s lousy performance in getting shots in arms: #43.

Click on image for source

Now we have Canada’s perceived corruption ranking, coming in at #9, which is fairly good (#1 is the least amount of corruption):

Click on image for source

Of course, corruption rankings are problematic because, well corruption itself could color the rankings. I personally think that Canada is becoming far more corrupt than many are willing to recognize or admit. But I’ll probably have to wait about ten years before the media backs me up on that claim.

So let’s assume the above three rankings are more are less accurate, and take them at face value.

  • If Canada is ranked #10 for GDP, why is its vaccine rollout way down at #43?

Should we not know how to get shots in arms quite quickly? Shouldn’t we be able to perform more or less in accord with our GDP performance?

  • And if we’re not all that corrupt (9th best), this would mean that local crimelords are probably not stealing our vaccine shipments and selling them on the black market as happens, say, in so-called developing countries with charity and medical care packages.

Again, if we accept these stats as more or less right, it seems that Trudeau and his incompetent crew are to blame for the pathetic vaccine rollout. They are the ones who negotiated the lousy and faltering pharmaceutical deals in the first place.

The next question is, why do Canadians put up with such obvious incompetence?

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  1. Edit – Just added red arrows to two tables

    1;23 p.m. – just removed some bold type format made redundant by the red arrows

    I also see Trudeau as incompetent in some ways.

    changed to

    I also see Trudeau as incompetent in other ways.

    6:15 p.m. Slight edit to this sentence

    “as happens, say, in so-called developing countries with charity and medical care packages.”

    7:58 p.m. A few more tweaks.

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