Here’s a pic that says “last modified” in 2008 but I suspect it’s a bit older than that. The bunny was a promo for a chocolatier that closed its doors a couple of years before the pandemic. The photo looks old to me but what the heck, I thought I’d post it.

So what does Easter mean to you?

I grew up in a non-churchgoing Protestant household so remember Laura Secord Easter Bunnys and painting eggs more than the religious aspect. But my mother did tell me that it was about the resurrection of Christ. At least, she said something to that effect.

She also mentioned “Lent” and we usually gave up or thought about giving up something like chocolate. But if that happened at all, it probably lasted a day or so.

After converting to Catholicism and now drifting into my own type of pandemic-style Catholicism, I can see the merits of both the Catholic and Protestant, non-churchgoing sides to Easter.

Myself, I like to feel the spirit of things more than making a big fuss about them. But at times like this, we would do well to remember that for many tradition is important. And it is for me too. I can’t imagine the calendar year without certain punctuations like Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas, Easter, Dominion Day (now the rather artless sounding “Canada Day”), and other special days. But the actual day is not so critical. It’s more about actually living the thing that the tradition represents.

If we don’t take times like Easter to try to renew our best inclinations, then those traditions are just hollow shells of the sacred.

I remember as a college DJ once saying on air, “I think every day should be Christmas.” By that, I meant we should try every day to remember and live the message of Christ: Love God and love one another.

Every day should be Easter too. That is, we should try to remember that even the darkest hour doesn’t last forever, and some kind of transformation always follows.

As Bob Marley put it:

Don’t you know, when one door is closed, when one door is closed
Many more is open?

Maybe I’ll close with that song.

Happy Easter!