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Source: Factbox-Some Countries Limit AstraZeneca Vaccine Use, U.S. Pauses J&J Shot | World News | US News

Opinion: Watching our CP24 local news this morning I noticed that Astrazeneca is now open to anyone 40 and older.

To my mind, this is a third-rate vaccine. It’s not as effective as most of the others and poses more risks, statistically speaking. How sad that Mr. Trudeau and his team were not able to better negotiate with the drug companies to secure more first-rate vaccines for Canada.

Various theories abound concerning why Mr. Trudeau’s liberals not only didn’t get the best vaccines but also lagged far behind other countries with a similar GDP.

One theory is that Canada’s policies about cheap generic meds upset the major pharmaceutical manufacturers so they are now dicking Canada around as ‘payback.’

It’s an interesting theory. One that would be hard to prove but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Another disquieting theory is that Canada’s liberal negotiators are just incompetent, ivory tower stooges who never had much experience in real business dealings.

Whatever the causes for the substandard Canadian rollout, I find it almost dystopian how the federal and provincial governments are handling the public relations side. Sweet-sounding voices and cute cartoons tell us what to do with simplistic, misleading phrases and images as if we’re all junior school children lined up at the door, waiting for recess.

At any rate, the above-linked story gives a good worldwide perspective on how different countries have reacted to the vaccine blot clots issue.

Personally, I don’t trust the stats. They seem to always change with every new study.

I hate to be so negative but truth is better than fiction when it comes to substances you’re putting in your body and what those substances might do to you.