Here’s a shot from an upstairs window earlier today. Snow in April.

It’s not the first time this has happened. I recall writing a (snail-mail) letter many years ago to a girlfriend overseas. I was griping about it being snowy on April 19th. I have something of a photographic memory, so can see it still. Well, actually, that eidetic memory is fading a bit with age. But I’m pretty sure it was the 19th… and the ol’ ‘photographic memory’ bit makes for a good story!

Things have slowed down a bit at earthpages. I had some essential shopping to do last night and today. Not fun at all. Well, maybe the drive. But the rest isn’t exactly a party! What I really don’t like is the degree of disinfecting one must go thru after going outside. My hands are feeling like human bars of soap.

Clean but dry…

Anyhow, my cellphone didn’t quite capture the fullness this morning’s joyful sun and snow. Funny how this time around I liked it. Today was like a last reminder of the long, horrid winter we endured here in Toronto.

But we know it’s ending soon. πŸ˜‡