Just in case you missed it

Haven’t read the book. Just liked the cover…

Here’s a podcast from a blog post I wrote a week or so ago.

Since posting this, I have reflected about the nature of the criminal mind as discussed in the second half of this podcast. By no means did I intend to say that immigrants from so-called ‘hellhole’ countries are more prone to crime and violence.

We simply would have to look at some reliable studies to make a determination about that. And any such determination would be tentative, at best, because crime is a tough area to study.

How many criminals will come out and say, even anonymously, “Yes, I am a murderous crook who has come to your country to occupy it, steal your tax dollars, and marginalize anyone who I, in my paranoid state, fear will blow my cover!”

Not too many, I would think.

So I rebroadcast this in podcast form more as a way to get us thinking about the topic, rather than intending to make any kind of definitive statement.

Actually, I was aware of these problems back when writing this, and tried to word my post accordingly.

Today, I thought I would underline the fact that we cannot know what leads people to crime. Or for that matter, what changes the criminal to a law-abiding person.

I suspect that grace has a lot to do with the latter.

What do you think?

What are you thinking?

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