A brazen money launderer who tried to smuggle almost £1.4 million cash out of the U.K. in his luggage has been jailed for more than two years.

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Source: Money Launderer Tried to Leave the U.K. With More Than £1 Million Stuffed Into Suitcases – Homeland Security Today


The article goes on to say that the man, who came from the Czech Republic, had no concern about the impact of his criminal proceeds.

“I’ve no doubt he knew this money was the profits of crime and would have ended up being reinvested in further criminal activity. He didn’t care about the impact.

“Cash is the lifeblood of organized crime … we are determined to do all we can to disrupt that flow of illicit finance and target the money launderers involved.”

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And isn’t that just the thing about the criminal mind? Criminals rationalize their behavior. “That’s the way the world works, they’ll tell you.”

What they don’t realize is that many, many people are quite happy and content to make an honest, law-abiding living.

Crime is not the way the world works or, for that matter, the way it must work. Crime is the way the world is degraded and we always have a choice.

When people get jobs not because of merit but because of their lies and criminal connections, everyone ultimately suffers and society as a whole is dragged down to a lower level—economically, morally, and spiritually.

For some desperate operators, it may seem like crime is the only way to go. But it’s not. There is always a choice.

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