While a catchy tune can grab our attention, subliminal subversive ideas are often what really connect with us, writes Arwa Haider.

Source: The coded messages in hit songs – BBC Culture


The author suggests pop has a ‘subversive’ element that not all youngsters will ‘get’ through the news media. Question is, is pop really subversive of just cashing in on carefully crafted trends, listener naiveties and political flashpoints?

It’s hard to say. Probably in reality it’s a bit of both. Cynical music producers know how to sell and like fashion moguls have a talent for promulgating their often shallow and idiotic hegemony throughout the world. On the other hand, life without ‘innovation and style’ in clothing, music or ideas might be dull for some who thrive on the crest of the wave instead of appreciating the ocean depths.

Myself, I don’t care too much for following the herd when it comes to clothes, music or ideas. Instead of prancing around at carefully branded bistros in trendy clothes with other superficial dandies, I’d rather spend quality time with someone I love.

And real social change? Look at the palatial homes where most pop stars live and you’ll just see more filthy rich feeding off the masses.

They “love” ya. As long as they’re a thousand times richer than ya…

No big change there.

We see the same thing with monarchies and other greedy, materialistic folks all around the world.