If you’re like me you don’t really like buying tech things. I like tech things but they’re overpriced (especially in Trudeau’s overtaxed Canada) and often flawed on purchase.

I took one android tab back I think two freakin’ times before I didn’t get a dead pixel on the screen.

During pandemic times, when most of us need to buy online, purchasing high tech is a gamble, to put it mildly.

So that same android tab died a couple of weeks ago. I tried everything, inside and out, but no dice. It’s dead.

I bought that tab to replace a really old iPad2 that was gifted to my mother. The iPad2 still works but is so slow and outdated that it really doesn’t do too much. However, I wanted to get some old apps for it that I felt would work. But I couldn’t. The App Store wouldn’t let me download the older versions.

To make things harder, I had not purchased some of these apps before, so i couldn’t go into the “already purchased” folder to get them there.

My back against the wall, I decided to search. Almost immediately I came up with this, and it works! Even if I had never purchased an old app before, this method works. And it’s totally legit, legal and free. (Mind you I installed the iTunes store on an old computer because I dislike almost everything Apple, and didn’t want its crap on my best PC.)

If interested, follow these instructions to the letter. And let me know how it works out!

Recycle, don’t throw stuff out.๐Ÿ˜‡

Remember, just use an old outdated device for casual browsing, like a library computer. Never sign in with sensitive passwords. Identify theft is big business these days.

Source: (5) Arjun Anil’s answer to Where can I find an older version of Netflix app compatible with older iPad mini? – Quora