This could probably use a little more polishing but I thought I’d put it up now before the final slideshow. Actually, I still don’t know what slides I would put with it. But we’ll see!

The theme is pretty clear. I’m sure you can hear the Supertramp, Genesis, ELP, and a few other old bands in there. I don’t consciously “rip” their sounds. If anything, the intro keyboard (sorta like Supertramp’s “Child of Vision”) came when I was experimenting with creating “trance gates” manually. And the actual sound is just built into LMMS, the primary engine behind this. (Some vocal “sidechaining” was done with Audacity.)

I purposely kept away from Reaper (a DAW), even though I know it like the back of my hand. My license has expired and although you can use it for quite a while as an “evaluation copy,” it just doesn’t feel right without the license.

LMMS has grown and with a little patience figuring it out, along with Audacity for audio file editing, I think I can go forward with this setup.

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