No folks… I didn’t sell out… | Opinion

The thing is, my site isn’t a cover and I don’t get ‘magic money’ like so many seem to, so I need to innovate in trying to develop a site that will ultimately generate legitimate income.

Some may think I have sold out or that the new site is cold and impersonal. But actually, it’s more “me” than it has been in a long time.

However, to correct the misperception that all I am doing is reposting other people’s news stories, you will note the new link OPINION at the top menu. And if you click on that, you will also see that I have been busy offering my opinions even while posting the news.

I have always posted news stories like this. But it all used to go to Tumblr. I would spend long hours sifting through stories, finding good ones, only to have them drop down the black hole of Tumblr (that site never made the search engines).

So why shouldn’t I change things around?


What are you thinking?

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