I’m not only a newshound but also a hobbyist musician. The other day I posted a pretty rough take of a tune I’d been working on with LMMS, a free digital audio workstation. I knew it was rough but thought I would post it anyhow. Since then I’ve been tweaking it a bit. Added another bass sound. Brought some levels up, others down; moved a vocal and a bass riff a bit, changed the echo, added multi-band compression, equalization, and limiting.

Music production gets incredibly complicated—like higher math. The amount of stuff you can do to try to make the overall mix sound cleaner and more effective is staggering. Forget bass and treble! That’s kid’s stuff!

Add to that the degradation of sound quality when you put it to SoundCloud or YouTube, and it’s enough to drive you mad.

There’s still more I could try but I decided to call it quits for now…

I hope this speaks to you on some level.