But that’s part of innovation. Especially when you are flying solo, as I am here at Earthpages.

I really wanted to get more news stories out there fast. So I posted a whole bunch at earthpages.org, right in this WordPress blog. After a short while, I started thinking it was a bit extreme and I should reserve this space for commentary and other special features.

From the early site, circa 2004

To keep the news current, however, I’ve started up a new Tumblr blog called EP Today.

For those who have been with me since the beginning, you might remember that EP Today was part of the original Earthpages, back in the day when I used MS FrontPage Express and a bit of hand coding to post Earthpages independently as a website and not as a blog.

That was a long time ago, but I really liked the name and concept of EP Today. Why I let it slide for so long, God only knows.

From the old EP Today circa 2004

Thanks for bearing with me as I go through these changes and enjoy the new Earthpages!

I’m having fun with it again, which really is what it’s all about! 👍

The image says “last modified 2004” but I think it’s about 2001