Today, I’m groovin’ to this 1969 McDonald’s commercial and its psychedelic theme song. Trip out with Ronald and his friends as they skip through the land of apple pie trees, past the giant hamburge…

Source: Groove to this psychedelic McDonald’s commercial from 1969 | Boing Boing


“And don’t be surprised if you meet Big Mac and Big Cheese!”

Ha ha. As a kid who grew up with Canadian and many American TV ads, this one seems new to me. But I might have seen it. Hard to say. I think it makes clear how the hippie generation was never divorced from capitalism. One of the biggest drivers in pop music then – as it is now – is the desire for stardom and riches.

Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. But it’s just the way it is, has been in recent history, and probably will be unless we undergo some massive kind of worldwide socialist revolution—which seems doubtful. People like their trinkets too much. And hardcore communism always falls short in that and other departments… departments like the overall standard of living and essential human rights.

For the record, artists, actors and music stars were not always super-rich. In ancient times it was often more about pride and prestige than money.

Orpheus plays Eurydice as a lyre