Year – country of winner – singer – song 1956. -Switzerland – Lys Assia – Refrain Izvor: ( 1957. – Netherlands – Corry Brokken – Net Als Toen Izvor: …

Year 2002 – Latvia – Marie NI wanna (follow links for source)

Source: Eurovision Song Contest – Myrela


I saw this the other day but have been too busy to do it justice by reblogging it. When I reblog I usually use the WordPress “Press This” bookmarklet because it affords greater flexibility in just how one chooses to present reblogged material (for users – Settings >> Writing >> Press This).

Anyhow, I really liked this post. Not only does it show another side to what we usually get through the North American media (especially in the past) but it also gives a great snapshot of how music and fashion have evolved over the years.

When looking at Myrela’s site I thought to myself, this is more ‘Earthpages’ than Earthpages! 🙂 But then I thought, well, I am me and she is she. I have to do what I can and not try to be like others.

Do check out her site if you haven’t already. It’s full of visual and textual info on a variety of interesting topics.