I’ve been trying to keep up with my podcasts but with so much other stuff going on, it can be challenging.

Today I’m posting this story (originally here) as a “robovoice” version of Earthpages podcasts. It may not be quite as compelling as a real voice but it’s a heck of a lot faster in terms of production time. Just click a few buttons and it’s done.

When I talk myself I have to hook up an old computer running on Linux (because Windows updates killed my external mic input), test all the levels, edit that recording for ums, ahs, sniffs, noise and loud labial and dental consonants, and then upload it.

I hope you find this illuminating. Problems are never fixed by ignoring them—something Canadians seem to be ‘world leaders’ at… with none other than Mr. Trudeau at the front of the pack. 😅

Read along here, if you like: https://epages.wordpress.com/2021/06/15/czech-republic-an-intersection-of-international-crime-on-jstor-opinion/