Western Australia utility Horizon Power has achieved a major milestone with the coastal town of Onslow powered 100% by solar PV and battery during a successful trial of what is one of Australia’s largest distributed energy resource microgrids.

Source: Australian town powered 100% by solar PV and battery – pv magazine International


We’d all love to solve the power-pollution problem with solar energy. It’s clean, hassle-free, and would last as long as the sun burns.

Great solution, right?

Well, the environmentalists are on the right track but our current tech is a long, long way from making solar power a viable solution.

This massive grid, which itself gobbles up an otherwise natural habitat, only powers a town of 848 people. Extrapolate that to a city of several million, and it becomes pretty obvious that solar, as it currently stands, is nowhere near enough.

Follow the above link and scroll down to the photo of the Australian town of Onslow. You’ll see what I mean. Onslow is a very small town that looks like something you’d drive by in a blink of an eye.