Yesterday was ‘Father’s Day’ in North America and probably in other parts of the world. For me, it was a laggy day as I was awakened early in the midst of a sleep cycle, which results in my feeling like a headless horseman until I get some proper sleep again.

My mom and dad at a square dance in 1952. They’re the ones making the bridge… mom and dad ’52, originally uploaded by Michael Clark.

Source: mom and dad ’52 – Just My Stuff

I killed time playing around with an old computer, trying to get Windows 10 on a machine with ridiculously low CPU and RAM. I was also working on another computer – two PCs at once – and just when everything came together and the “Welcome” screens appeared, I felt as if my dad was with me in a very nice way.

Dad used to love to play with computers too. He figured out the DOS shell before I even knew what DOS was. One summer while he was away at the cottage I totally messed up his laptop, fiddling around not knowing what I was doing. I had to call TOSHIBA to get a new set of DOS floppies because I had deleted something without paying attention to the “Are You Sure?” warning.😆

Luckily TOSHIBA came through, sent the discs and I fixed the laptop before Dad got home.

I ended up using that same laptop to write my Ph.D. Dad gave it to me when I moved to Ottawa.

Dad kept coming to mind throughout the day yesterday. And my mom (pictured above with Dad) thought about her dad all day.

So it was a quiet Father’s Day. After my nap, I felt whole again and carried on with more computer ‘workshop’ stuff. I find that working on computers, learning new software, etc. takes my mind off everything. A great way to get away from it all.

How was your Father’s Day?