In making the veracity of research dependent on fleeting political movements, it may be those on the left killing science’s reputation.

Source: Democrats ‘trust the science,’ but only when it advances their agenda


Galileo gets it…

A long time ago I suggested science is a human endeavor and, as such, influenced by various human factors.

My critique was pre-Covid and stemmed mostly from years of studying psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, philosophy and religion, among other things. (I know that’s a handful but I am a holistic thinker and believe that the more perspectives we can appreciate, the better).

Later, I magnified some of the inconsistencies and especially the perceived politics behind Covid truth claims to try to demonstrate what I had already addressed.

This is not a new strategy. Many respected thinkers –  Émile Durkheim comes to mind – outline their theory first and then supply data to back it up. Their project may be flawed but the process is admirable.

You think about stuff. You gain some insights. And then you try to ‘prove’ it with real-life examples.

So although I’ve been looking at science as a means of knowledge gathering for many years, it seems sites like USA Today are just coming around to their own particular exposées.

I am linking to the above article because it provides more of what I’ve been talking about. And I always get a grim pleasure or sense of vindication when society catches up to me—to things I’ve been saying for a long time.

Being an innovator isn’t always fun. The amount of resistance you can get is part of the job. Just ask Galileo, who correctly debunked the Biblical/Catholic geocentric model and spent the remainder of his life under house arrest. If Galileo wasn’t well off and connected, he probably would have been executed or exiled for thinking straight.