Study explores inner life of AI with robot that ‘thinks’ out loud | Robots | The Guardian | Opinion

Italian researchers enabled Pepper robot to explain its decision-making processes

Source: Study explores inner life of AI with robot that ‘thinks’ out loud | Robots | The Guardian


This story is a couple months old but digging deeper into my RSS feeds this morning I noticed it. I guess it goes without saying that computers and AI are evolving fast. But still, even with a robot that can talk about its decision-making process, to me this only goes to show how incredibly evolved the human brain is. Actually, not only the brain but the entire human being, to include our spiritual side.

I say that with the strong belief that we are not just advanced machines but living beings with souls and a spiritual connection with our creator.

Not to say that AI could not have this. But the jury is still out on that one.

As for humans, what probably makes us different from a robot that talks about its decision-making process is that we have a wonderful tendency to ‘massage’ the truth. Sometimes we do it because we hope for the best possible outcome in a situation. Other times we do it because we have something to hide. And sometimes we do it without even knowing we’re doing it. You know, when you think you remember something but hard evidence proves you wrong.

Memory is reconstructive, after all.

The human being is so far ahead of the robot in so many ways. Sure, I cannot compute pi to the nth degree. But I can access a computer that will. Conversely, can computers access human beings to learn how to lie, cheat, steal and manipulate? Or to love, be decent, honest and compassionate, for that matter?

Maybe in the future but not now.



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