In 2015, Catholic officials argued in court they could only fundraise a total of $3.9 million for residential school survivors, but efforts for Catholic cathedrals and other buildings across Canada reached nearly $300 million since November 2005, according to data gathered by CBC News.

St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica, Toronto.

Source: Catholic Church raised nearly $300M for buildings since promising residential school survivors $25M in 2005 | CBC News


Now here’s a juicy one. And it seems appropriate to post on the heels of my last post about hypocrisy and corruption within the Church.

Basically, the article reports that the Church was able to come up with about $300 million for renovation projects but only $4 million of the promised $25 million for residential school survivors.

I can fully understand why this happened. Note that I say understand not empathize or agree with why it happened.

At St. Michael’s Cathedral, which I admittedly love, and loved even more before the tacky reno, those in charge were putting the squeeze on parishioners not just on Sunday but after every single weekday Mass. Go down on a Wednesday at noon and sure enough, the collection basket would be passed around for the Cathedral restoration fund.

I don’t recall seeing any baskets being passed around for a residential school survivor fund.

Add to that the pretty high probability that most of the work done was all within a certain circuit. Not unlike civic government, one gets the impression that friends and other contacts get the construction jobs over other equally qualified people. As I say, those birdies within the “circuit” get the breadcrumbs while others struggle and starve.

You can make of that whatever you want. I know what I mean by it. And I would venture to guess that it makes getting funds a whole lot easier.

Sadly, those in charge don’t seem to care too much about indigenous peoples. And that to my mind explains why we see this headline today.

Again, I’m not saying I accept this as okay.

I just think I more or less get it.